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Duncan Farmers Market- Robert Cirens Art Jewelry & More

Thursday, April 26, 2018

In the early hours of any Saturday, Duncan Farmers Market vendors begin their Saturday task of setting up booths filled with handmade or handgrown lovelies. Artisan banners, flags even small stand up signs start to fill out the rush of setting up, readying the day for the drove's of locals and tourists alike.

It was raining steady, just steady enough that your back became cool when you stopped working, but soon, the melodic music begins in the distance, while the aroma of coffee and bread fill the air. The tarps and shelters begin to take shape and laughter can be heard. Its a happy place in time. I savour these moments of a Farmer's Market that has been a growing concern steady and is now one of the largest Farmer's Market according to their online information.

Quite frankly its magical, inviting and I'm thrilled to be part of it. I'm looking after the very popular booth of Robert Cirens Art To Wear jewelry, which are fabulous earring and pendants. If you haven't seen his work, I welcome you to his online presence. His lovely wife the Business Manager of their enterprise is such a fun person to hang around with and we laughed many times enjoying the popularity of his work. Stephanie Cirens has a well set out plan of operations and I'm learning!

Across from our booth is a local farmer/butcher, veggie grower and a winery! Dogs, children, old and young alike don't mind the rain. Between chatter, greetings and dogs getting to know each other you can hear the conversations pass by revelling when the rain stops and the sun immediately brightens the crowd.

As you can tell, when I'm working at the market, I'm not upcycling but totally enjoying the immersion into Duncan culture with each day I live here.

Next Market is April 28th 9 to 2 pm, come in your pj's or your jeans!


  1. Wow, this looks wonderful. I wish I could come for a wander.

  2. I'm with Kaja in wishing I could come for a wander. We have a very small farmers market here but it's the same thing all the time. There are only a few vendors and beyond some produce there's little in the way of fun things. You can go once over the summer and if you don't get to go back until the fall, it's the same stuff on offer. The only thing that changes is the type of produce. They could certainly take lessons from yours!


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