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Modern MakeOver-Hand Quilting

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hello quilters, wherever you are, I hope it's lovely outside! Today, I awoke very early in the morning and our cabin was a little chilly. The woodstove warmed up the inside really fast and I sat down to a coffee and a hand quilting project.

I've decided to do hand quilting because this quilt has so much cream solid color in it and I thought it would be really fun to make the dark areas pop up.

I've added a 5 inch border of cream solid colored cotton to the borade and now those crazy blocks just popped!

But for some reason that photo will not load!

I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Network today!

Happy Quilting Everyone!


  1. There's nothing like wood heat to cozy up a room. Love the quilt.

    1. Jo, you are so right and you must have wood heat to know that! Modern Makeover is going to a great friend of mine and will be cherished, only hand quilting seemed appropriate! :)

  2. Great hand quilting and hoop, it's getting cooler isn't it?

    1. Janie, yes, I agree, it's getting colder and we've already had our first snowfall. But the nights are nippy and you know snow is on its way!


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