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Scrappy Dresden Play

Friday, October 21, 2016

I started playing again with 28 blocks of assorted blues, browns and red
background blocks. What to do with these blocks, I wonder aloud. My time is spent mostly editing and writing these days and its a joy to get back to stitching!

You get the idea. I didn't have all my normal range of felts or pencil crayons, nor dare say absolutely only three pages of graph paper, so I improvised. 

The blue sashing or the light sashing color on point is where these next photos describe. What do you think?

I'll not say at this point to which one I prefer, I have one favorite though, but I want the feedback from you?

I found this ufo hanging out in a bin of fabrics that I had reserved for improv applique that I'm working on.
I may cut it open like I did with Modern Makeover.

This was wee bit too dark for me. I needed more light and sunshine in the layout.

Do leave me a comment, even if you read this years from now, leave me a comment on what you suggest for ideas to build this quilt?

Do you have an idea of what might look good for an applique in each corner?

Take care folks, stay safe and be good!

Scrappy Dresden!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Do you remember this wild bunch of Scrappy Dresden Blocks?

Recently, I was ready Mary Huey's post on finishing up half done projects. 
She inspired me and this project is on again.
These are all blocks that were quickly picked without any plan what so ever! 
In my mind, I was thinking about getting onto a full sized quilt. 
I dreamed of seeing these Scrappy Dresden blocks in a quilt laying across our kind size bed. Like this king sized Canadian Birds quilt.

If you have yet to play around with Dresden Plate blocks or 1/4 corner fan blocks, then check out this tutorial I did on the method I use to make up all my Dresden plate blocks. 

I do normally hand applique the Dresden plates to their background block. But sometimes, I just want to get it done and move on machine applique which is way faster for me.

This is where I believe that something really mellow colored fabric for sashing between these Dresden blocks is in order.

I find these scrappy blocks to be something wilder than I usually like, but I just love them anyway. We'll see where this one goes.

I'm so busy behind the scenes of forever editing, that I find posts are fewer, but not forgotten. Finishing a book is no small feat!

Take care everyone and I'm linking up today with TNTN

Crazy Cushion Progress

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Progress on my book "Artisan Crazy Quilting" is going well, with so much behind the scenes that I cannot share just yet.

I'm so glad to be back to a new Crazy Quilt project.

A gift of handmade art for a special lady.

I incorporated some favorite colors and was given the freedom to design. This little gem is soon be making its way across the ocean.

I had to complete it in very  little time, you can see my special approach to crazy quilting is totally moving towards a different kind of voice within the world of crazy quilting.

I am totally smitten with circles, they are finding their way into my dreams. Last night it was a Ferris wheel against a sunset!
I was having such fun and in my dreams, I simply don't feel vertigo that I do in real life!!

I will be place something on the corners, its all an experience every time I make a crazy quilt of any kind.

I reused a luscious graduation gown into this piece. But the champagne color left me a wee bit out of sorts and off I went to find something that went with the general color approach, finding the orange and black fabric. 

This is the back side of that fabric, it was bit too much of color for the kind of sweet and mature image I was given of the lady this cushion be gifted to soon.

This is the top so far, and still in progress.

I intend to cover the corner areas of the border stitched strip to make them pop!

I've more to do today quilters and wishing you all happy times.

I'll post more after the weekend!

365 Circles Progress

Sunday, September 25, 2016

My little wee project of 365 Circles is becoming like a tiny dynamo sumo wrestler!

Its pushing me farther into more hand stitching and its singing me songs of inspiration.

When I first heard about 365 Circles.

I was more curious than excited about appliqueing on that many circles!

But then, I started playing and soon, I was sewing and appliqueing away with the best of them.

I discovered I really like circles.

I discovered that circles are more inspiring because of simplicity of the shape.

I really love the spin off tiny circles.

This is only about one third of the circles I have ready to go into my new quilt.

Truth be told, I was more than I need for a king size quilt so I can pick and choose.

I have decided that a plan is required for this group of beauties.

I found these bundles above for $25 from a seller on Usedvic.

And a thrift shop had yardage for around 3.99 a bundle. Each bundle is at least 2 m. Two chunks are over 5 m. Its mostly fashion fabrics, but I'm sure that little pieces of these fabrics will find their way into my crazy quilts.

Happy Sunday Quilting!

Crazy Quilted Embellishment

Friday, September 23, 2016

Many of you out there online are just discovering crazy quilting.

Some of you though are just as experienced as I am with this form of art. So do add your own spin in a comment at the end.

I've been asked at workshops what makes my crazy quilted pieces look old fashioned.

This was not an intentional act on my part, simply a happy accident. But from all the comments at workshops and this blog, its made me rethink what it is that I do.

The following are my own thoughts on what makes a crazy quilt look 'old fashioned.'
  • I rarely use only 100% cotton.
  • I love slippery fabric with some stretch to it.
  • I often include bits and pieces of used clothing into my work.
  • I mix and sort through shades and I do use a color chart occasionally.
  • I often don't really "THINK" about it. I believe that this thinking about is what turns people off.
  • I also don't believe in calling a quilt "crazy quilting" just because you may have done some embroidery on the seams. To me, this is just adding embellishment to your beautiful seams, it's not crazy quilting.

This as yet unfinished little piece is embroidered on wool. But it is not a crazy quilt.

In the photo above, if you look carefully, you'll see a hand made running stitch on a wonky curve. This is how I make curves in crazy quilted work.

I am not a perfectionist and rarely do I get self-conscious about how wonky my stitches are as seen in this close up above. This was a part of the Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt.

If you look closely, I'm twirling an ordinary yellow/gold fabric and couching it down to the whole piece.

In the photo above, you can see this cute little robin, has some yellow whip stitches on its breast. I glued down the outside rough edge of bird motif and stitched over top with rick rack.

I have left the seams and I go anywhere my heart desires as I embellish my blocks.

This is one of two, all cotton crazy quilts. I kept to the seams on this one and further embellished with machine quilting.

My Purple CQ above has dozens of original designs in hand embroidery stitches on the seams and elsewhere. There are no rules in crazy quilting.

My Beach House CQ went to the International Quilt Festival tour of several cities in 2013 as part of O Canada special exhibit.

Something about ordinary 100% cotton does not really excite me when I sit down to make a crazy quilt. These crazy pieces made themselves useful in a wee little table runner.

I'm working on edit and re-editing today and thought it was helpful to answer some of the questions I've received about crazy stitching.

Back to editing, have fun with the rest of today!
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